Please join us for Spring Dance Romance 2014 - our annual celebration of spring through dance and community. SDR 2014 promises to be an unforgettable weekend, bringing together the amazing musical talents of The Stringrays (Rodney Miller, Stuart Kenney, Max Newman) joined by Sam Bartlett (Mr. Stuntology) along with the kinetic sounds of The Ivory Boys (David DiGuiseppe, George Paul, Jim Roberts) with calling by the incomparable Adina Gordon and the always-wonderful Kathy Anderson..

Join us at Northside School in beautiful Chapel Hill NC for an amazing weekend of dance, music and all-around great times. This has a brand new, sprung wooden floor and excellent stage, we are excited to put on a first-ever dance at this venue. Housing will be provided for out-of-town dancers.

Single dance-night admissions will be available ONLY if we do not sell out. Best advice: don't take a chance, register for the whole weekend. It's only $55 if 25 or under, $95 otherwise.

Dance weekends are magical experiences. We go to get away from it all, where the only thing we have to do is dance, play, dance, eat, dance, hang out, dance, and sometimes sleep. We get to know each other better and our sense of community grows. We come home happy and energized.

If you have not attended a dance weekend before, or haven't been to SDR in a while, register now and be part of the magic.

Camp Sertoma near Winston-Salem has unexpectedly been closed as a venue, so we are having an in-town weekend this year, in Chapel Hill/Carrboro. We have obtained access to a large, new sprung wooden floor in Northside School, setting the stage for an excellent weekend of dance magic SDR-style. We will connect out-of-town dancers with local hosts who can provide lodging as needed, just indicate this need on your registration form. Motels are also nearby if that is your preference. We will be providing a homemade Sunday brunch during Sunday morning waltz time at the dance venue, plus there is an optional catered box lunch you can choose to enjoy between the Saturday dance workshops. Friday and Saturday dinners are on your own.

We look forward to seeing your smiling face and dancing feet at SDR 2014!

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